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About Lateral Capital Ventures

Lateral Capital Ventures.

At Lateral Capital Ventures we specialise in making strategic investments in only the most innovative and disruptive of technologies. With a focus on the seed, growth and pre-IPO technology market, we aren't your average VC's - we are a niche firm that's focused on investing in opportunities that push boundaries and have the potential to shake traditional industry models to their core. We have the unique ability to add value to each of our investments with our wealth of technical expertise and savvy commercial experience - though more often than not, a solid combination of both.

About us

Lateral Capital Ventures is the innovation division of Lateral, one of Australia’s leading professional software development companies with an established track record spanning 30 years. With operations in Perth and Melbourne, Lateral is made up of a stable, core team of highly trained, qualified professionals with significant depth and experience in the creation and execution of high quality bespoke technological solutions. While separate businesses, Lateral Capital Ventures builds on the considerable technical experience of Lateral and its associates, bringing immense value to its businesses and investment companies.

We help businesses build an innovative future

 Lateral have always done research and development for our clients; a trip to the Silicon Valley in the United States changed our thinking. Research and development is the first and most vital step towards innovation and the adopting of new technologies, we decided we can offer businesses more. By creating LCV in July 2015, with our more dedicated approach, we can enable businesses to innovate, grow and change in more ways - adopting new, breakthrough technology and creating more unique and disruptive intellectual property.

Get On Board With Lateral capital ventures!

Lateral Capital Ventures has an initiative which goes beyond paying homage to the latest trends; it is in an investment in the future of our organisation and others. It is taking on the challenge to stay current and continually push for bigger and better industry advances. Our aim is to enable radical change and to disrupt markets - in short, we want to change the world. Join us?

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