Woodside Wayfinder Web App Project

Industry : Engineering
Client : Woodside
Services Used: App development
Woodside Energy

About Woodside

Incorporated in 1954, Woodside is the world’s leading LNG operator. They were responsible for 6% of global LNG production in 2019 and generated more than $3.9billion dollars in revenue in 2017.

Located in the heart of the Perth CBD, the new Woodside Headquarters is a 32-storey building that caters to more than 3000 staff who support their LNG operation line.

Managing the movement of so many people over such a large space represents a significant challenge, so Woodside approached us to develop a solution that would help people find their way around the headquarters building in an efficient manner.


When moving to their new Woodside Headquarters (WHQ), the company needed a way to improve their employee’s experience of the campus while simultaneously assisting with resource management (such as booking meeting rooms). They came to us to develop an app that was capable of making this happen.

The challenge was to develop a single, easy-to-use product that would allow both employees and guests to navigate the entire campus (all three constituent buildings and each of their internal floors) while also enabling them to:

  • View points of interest.
  • View individual rooms, desks and other relevant features.
  • Book meeting rooms.
  • Identify user locations
  • Utilise route-finding capabilities.

With such a large workforce relying on it, it was vital that we were able to develop an app that would deliver a seamless experience.


In order to deliver all of the functionality that Woodside was looking for from their new app, we broke it down into several components.

The app will first display a landing page that introduces users to the app. Users can then use the log in screens and view the maps of WHQ Campus, breaking it down into detailed maps for each building, floor, room and point of interest.

There is also a logout function available for users once they have completed their session using the app.

  • Digital Wayfinding

For the second phase of the project, based on Woodside’s additional requirements, we improved the app functionality to enable the user to trace and search for employees based on their location within the building.

If people are not currently active on the app, the user will be able to view their last known location in order to give them the best possible chance of tracking them down.

  • Get Users

With so many people in one place, an effective building admin system is an absolute necessity to conduct business in an efficient and ordered manner.

In response to this need, we included a functionality that enables users to find available meeting rooms to book them within the specified time range.

In addition to making things easier and more efficient, it also improved the cost-effectiveness of their operation by reducing the need for admin staff to manage the booking of meeting rooms and other shared spaces.

  • Resource and Room Management

Technology Used

Because Woodside Wayfinder app is a web application, it needed to be able to work seamlessly across multiple devices such as tablets, mobile phones and desktop.

To ensure that this happened, we chose to make it an SVG and JavaScript-based native application that uses local storage for all graphical and meta-data assets.

With respect to the delivery of server-side components, the server is hosted on an AWS account.


We’re happy to report that Woodside has been extremely happy with what we were able to deliver.

The Wayfinding application has significantly improved efficiency in resource handling, saving users time when viewing places of interest and locating other employees or guests in the building.

From the safety point of view, it keeps the procedure of finding fire-wardens and first-aiders simple and easy.

The application is fully secured and operating smoothly on the AWS cloud environment.

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